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Hello friends, my name is Bablu Balecha, I live in a small village of Chhota Jhalawar in Rajasthan, by the way, I had studied till 12th in 2011.After that, I stopped studying and started doing household work, because since there was little farming in my house, my grandfather had refused to let me study and he said, what will you do after studying, After that, my wife married me in 2011 and forced me to work, then along with household work, I also started working as a laborer and my life continued like this

One day, when my in-laws had gone to a program, I was introduced to a boy named Mukesh, who hails from Madhya Pradesh, who seemed to be my relative. While talking to him, he told me that I earn a good amount of money per month by working online, so he told me something about blogging which I did not understand at all, but his words stuck in my mind, and after working again, I bought a mobile and started blogging in it. Started researching about it.

Then I slowly started collecting information about blogging, from which I came to know that you can create a blog for free by going to Google’s blogger, after that I created a blog with Blogspot for free on blogger, for some time I could not understand anything. I didn’t know what else to do, then slowly I looked about SEO and started using SEO in blogging but did not get any results for many days.

Then the turn in life came from there when my friend got a government job, so I thought that friend should leave blogging and prepare for the job, blogging can be done later also, then when I prepared for the job, I I also got a job and I used to enjoy my job and pass the time but one day when I opened YouTube, some blogging videos opened in front of me and I felt like doing blogging again and again I started a new domain.

I bought it because earlier I did not even have money, after that I started blogging again. And I continued this work continuously, due to which a good amount of traffic started coming to my blog and I started earning a good amount of money through Google Adsense. On the one hand, my job was going on and I also kept doing part time blogging. And today I am standing at this place where I earn a good amount of money.

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So you must be wondering what this blog is about, so for your information let me tell you that here you will get Interesting facts about iPhone, Review, important Update, Releasing and Any iPhone problem will be solved through the articles on this site.